Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Nimrooz this week: Allahu Akhbar, Marg Bar Internet! at the Friday prayers...
Salman Rusdhie comments on the fatwa, Iran reformists, mullahs, September 11 etc.

Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Not much happening domestically in Iran but I'm going to Shiraz soon. I had a dream last night, bins fulls of rubbish were at the train station. The rubbish I was emptying seemed to be other people's - cigarette butts, and I hate smoking passionately! But then I noticed plastic milk bottles, so it had to be my rubbish. I interpret this as a self-criticism type dream.

"I came back in '85 and the same people who were drinking every night in small bars before the revolution now had big beards and prayed every night in the mosque. People used to have two faces, now they have five. Coming back was a mistake, and I can't blame others for it." Before the revolution, Tohid Square was Kennedy Square; Churchill Street became Bobby Sands Street, and Los Angeles Avenue became Hijab Street!

Since everyone else is linking, MIT Opencourseware will become a great resource. May all universities follow suit.