Monday, November 18, 2002

In Asia Times, a great article about Iranian democracy. Just as Iranians had to learn about automobiles, so now they are only learning about democracy. "The honorable step for Khatami would be to resign."

One day, a book by Omid Souresrafil, "Revolution In Iran: The Transition To Democracy" will appear. His last book, "The Islamic Success" (!!) in 1996 about Iran, a piece of regime apologia if ever there was one, was not good to say the least... the most obvious question being, if Iran is so great, why does the author choose to live in Sydney? (And where did he learn to write English?) And perhaps by the time it comes out, like by the time the Economist Survey comes out, everything will have changed anyway.

I was at Sharif yesterday, but I didn't see anything strange. However today there was a big gathering there with clashes. But, I would still predict nothing is going to come of it.

From outside Iran, it must seem as if BIG THINGS are happening. But here, life goes on... most people don't care, there is so much apathy, even among the young. It's nothing like the 386 generation in Korea was, otherwise things might have changed by now.