Sunday, October 26, 2003

This is the last entry in this weblog. Anything more, and I'll add a link to the bar on the left.

Today I visited Bank Melli in Niavaran and closed my account. The largest denomination bank note in Iran is 10,000 rials, which is $US1.20. I changed my mind after closing it and decided I wanted a 500,000 toman check, the highest denomination they have there (dunno about other banks). It took about half an hour more just to queue and count the 800 or so notes (5000s and 10000s) by machine. This system is good for some, that is, people who don't like to think about their job and people who make note-counting machines, but thousands of hours (lives?) are lost, just for counting notes, why hasn't anyone come up with a solution? The answer is as always, it just isn't a high priority here (cf traffic).

Oh, I will miss Iran and all my friends!! I don't want to go!! But as I wrote to my boss, it's much easier to live in Australia and visit Iran regularly than it is to live in Iran and visit Australia regularly.

OK, I hope you enjoyed reading the weblog!! Even if I did just type in the first thing that came into my head all the time. Or upload a picture of what I ate last night ;-) If you live in Tehran, please start another one in English to replace it, there are all too few. And if you don't live in Tehran, you should come and visit! Bye.