Tuesday, September 24, 2002

My visitor of last week, who is an English teacher, showed me a question from a Kish Institute test.

2. I like ...........

(a) apple (b) an apple (c) apples (d) the apples

All the answers are correct, though apparently they wanted (c). One of the reasons there are practically no English blogs in Iran is that the standard of English teaching here is so appalling. You get what you pay for, so a private teacher is best, preferably someone who has lived in the West or is a native speaker.

Another question:

7. I always help ..... my mother

(a) to (b) ---- (c) with (d) for

Again, (b), (c) and (d) are correct, though the right answer is (b). Keep in mind it was a beginner test.

What's been happening in Tehran? There was an electronics and computer fair, a conference on "Two Holy Ladies" (Fatima and Mary), and a new mural appeared on Modarres expressway. "The Islamic ummah will forever stand by the side of the Palestinians and against their enemies." What if, as is true in the case of Iran, the Palestinians are their own worst enemies? What should be done?

And what else? The bill to increase presidential powers was presented to parliament. I don't expect much will come of it, or that much will change.

Forgotten history. Can you remember the pre-revolution names of the streets and squares of Tehran? Most Iranians can't. Let's start with the hotels.

Hilton -> Esteghlal
Hyatt -> Azadi Grand Hotel
Intercontinental -> Laleh International
Sheraton -> Homa

So it seems all the five-star hotels in Tehran were built by American companies before the revolution. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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