Monday, September 16, 2002

Two more newspapers banned, I saw a guy reading Golestan, the youth paper, last night. It's only been published for a month.

Today I said to a retired professor of linguistics in a taxi that I wouldn't stay much longer because of lamentable wages (to use Lonely Planet's description). He said there's plenty of money for Islamic causes, missionaries, and religious propagation. Just no money for science. Hmmm, so the explanation that applies for the Arab world's backwardness also applies here? I asked him if he'd read "Animal Farm". I showed him the newspaper picture, a certain leader was standing on a platform and about 20 people were in front of him with their fists raised (basiji). It was obvious who the pig was and who the sheep were. Education can't solve the problem if only 10% can make it to university, and ideological screening applies.

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