Saturday, March 15, 2003

In the US, people remember the victims of September 11 like some people remember the victims of the Holocaust. They have stickers saying things like "We will not forget". But what if a similar event happened in another country, to a people that the world doesn't care about, which isn't at the centre of world commerce, government, and media? On March 16, 1988, more than 5000 Kurds were killed by Saddam Hussein. There are no bumper stickers for those who died, and it was not brought to you live on television.

"We hear these anti-war arguments (in the West), but if people in other countries do not know whether Saddam has non-conventional weapons, we do," says Star Hussein Allahkerem, 46, [a] survivor of the attack.

However, I'm rather uncomfortable with the US considering attacking without UN approval. I think this is probably a Very Bad Idea, and the consequences are impossible to predict. On the other hand, France rejected the latest plan before Iraq did! I'd love to know the story behind it, but I can't think of any place objective enough to tell me what the truth is.

OK, anything else? In Miami, it's Spring Break, MTV was filming a blind date contest today. If you happened to see this on TV, it is very very fake compared to what actually happens. There are a few hundred young people standing around looking bored, and then the camera pans over them as someone says through a megaphone "more applause guys, more applause" ... "5,4,3,applause!!"... "ok, I need you looking more excited when they ask the questions and respond"... I became disillusioned and left. Miami Beach and MTV are all about image!!

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