Tuesday, April 15, 2003

There's lots of news today, I'm having trouble keeping up. All is from google news or Iranvajahan.

Japan's foreign minister urges Iran to come clean on weapons program. When a logical successful country talks to an illogical failed one, will they listen? Perhaps criticism from Japan can help make up for the lack of self-examination from inside the country.

Iraqi playing cards.

Israel Radio comments on implications of Iraq war for Iran.

Iranian Hard-liner Says U.S. Must 'Reward' Tehran. He and his ilk have been yelling "Death to America" for 25 years and now they expect a reward? Stay in cloud cuckoo land.

Clerics see writing on the wall. Shahla Azizi chats to taxi drivers and people in Tehran - but this may not be objective because they respond according to how you are dressed, she admits.

Finally, fun stuff... language reading abilities among New Zealand boys have dropped [New Zealand] alongside Iran, Belize and Kuwait when it comes to the difference between the sexes. And Melanie Griffith shows if you try to look young it just makes you look old. (Or freaky, like Michael Jackson.)

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