Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Iranian Reformist Newspaper Promotes Democracy Without Americans. The things the yas-e-no editor says to foreign publications! Inshallah it's a sign of better times to come.

Thousands protest in Iran. I didn't hear about it until I read it on the net this morning. Which satellite TV channel was that?

Last night I went to a house in Darrus to meet a prospective new English student, and the family had four dogs: a pekinese, a daschund, a poodle, and a shih-tzu. My landlord has a dog and a cat, because he has space for them. But my apartment is too small.

Azam quotes the Iranian proverb that "a knife does not cut its own handle". But Mr Probitas suggests he will end it all soon.

Egypt bans "The Matrix Reloaded". "The first film was shown in Egypt, but was criticised by some Islamic newspapers, which claimed it espoused Zionism." Such nuttiness! They see Zionist plots everywhere, just like the leaders here.

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