Saturday, July 19, 2003

"I don't think it's very bad. If they filter porno sites I don't think it's going to kill anyone."

But it might, you know, if men can't masturbate to porno sites, they could get cancer!! (see below) I think I need to start a petition about this, a la the other mind-bogglingly stupid Petition about another CNN story.

It's been stinking stinking hot lately. It took an hour for me to get from Vanak to Tajrish by taxi because the police had closed part of Vali-Asr St, there must have been too many people in Park Mellat. Even at 11pm everyone is still having picnics on any piece of grass available. The taxi went by Jam-e-Jam Food Court trying to get back to Vali-Asr St. These days girls' manteaus are like the corsets of Victorian England, if they were any tighter, they would choke or get deformed bones. And balancing your hijab on the topknot of your head is de rigeur around there. The taxi driver was playing a song called "I Like Girls" which was stupid, but it wasn't as stupid as some Tehrangelian "rapper"'s ripoff of "I Will Survive".

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