Monday, May 05, 2003

The attitude of European people in general... "English should be everyone's second language.". The attitude of French people: "English should be everyone's second language. FRENCH should be everyone's first language!" (Every human being should speak French!)

Anyway, the Festival de Cannes runs from May 14 to 25. When viewing the website, you have a choice between French (denoted by 6001 in the URL) and English (6002). A film from Iran is showing outside the official selection, in the directors' fortnight. It is called "Deep Breath" by Parviz Shahbazi. Even if you read about it in Le Monde it is still called "Deep Breath" not "Souffle Profond". English has taken over!!! Britannia rules the waves!

Miss Iraniangirl points out Lady Sun's English weblog. There is less risk involved in writing an English weblog in Iran, like this one, and the audience is completely different (much more international).

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