Sunday, May 04, 2003

Australia Shows Iranian Asylum Seekers The Door.

"This simply underlines how right the government has been to take a strong stand on illegal migration," Downer said. "The simple fact is that if the government had taken a weak stand and just allowed anyone into Australia who wanted, without a visa, we would have ended up with a very major problem."

I've often thought about what would happen if Iranians emigrated en masse to Canada, the US or Australia. I think that immigration needs to be gradual so that the people who emigrate understand the culture and political background of the country they are emigrating to. With some people in the UK already calling for the UK to become an Islamic state and al-Qaeda's alleged plan to make an Islamic super-state including Australia, massive immigration would cause severe problems. The bad apples would come along with the good. Most of the Iranian asylum-seekers' claims have been rejected, and I know from conversations with diplomats just how far people will go to get out of here... on the other hand I've never been to a mandatory detention camp.

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